Terms and Conditions

Our snakes' comfort is our priority, right next to satisfied clients of course! Although our snakes are captive bred and used to human cuddles, sometimes they need a break. For long events, they will need to have a rest so as not to get overwhelmed. Not to worry though, we can bring several snakes and switch them out as and when.

For any events that may be outside, we may have to turn down your custom if the weather or lack of access to electricity or shelter prevents us from keeping our snakes warm. 

Prices and Booking

All prices are relative to the event in question, we do not have a set rate. Rates are subject to location, people taking part (i.e age and amount) and how many snakes are involved etc. We require 2 weeks notice prior to a booking as well as a 10% booking fee at time of booking. 


There is a 48 hours cancellation period. Any sooner than deposit will be lost.