Why snakes are important

A lot of people think that snakes are just a scary pest but in reality, they play very important roles to our ecosystem. Snakes are natures pest control, keeping the rodent population down and the diseases that come with it! They are also our little crop bodyguards, keeping our veggies safe from mice, rats and birds.

Let's talk venom! Whilst venom is quite scary, it has amazing medicinal properties. It has the potential to treat cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. It could also be used as pain killer, stronger than morphine and without the side effects! Scientists are currently working on a way to use this.

Why do snakes need protecting?

As we all know, snakes are a common phobia throughout the world. Thanks to this, snakes are killed and hurt globally for entertainment reasons. There are even games hosted on these events with thousands of people competing. The most common event being Rattle Snake Roundup in Texas. Snakes feel pain much like me and you and the fear they feel is very real. It is common practice to pour gasoline  into their burrows to drive them out, not just harming snakes but the wildlife around it.

Without snakes, we would be over run with rodents and the illnesses that follow! Not to mention our crop yield would drop significantly.

Despite popular belief, the fatalities following snake bites is not as high as you might think. More people die from cow, dog and of course mosquito attacks. Snakes don't eat very often and will occasionally go months before their next meal. Due to this, snakes must conserve their energy and attacking is the last thing they want to do. Snake bites usually occur when snakes are stepped on or feel threatened for their life. A snake will not pursue a fight and would much rather avoid wasting their energy. 

What can you do to help?

Snakes need our help! If things don't change, they will soon become nothing more than a character in a story book. There are an abundant of charities that are trying to stop this from happening. 

The most important thing anyone could do is to simply spread the word and tell people the truth about snakes. 

Help protect snake habitats

Snake habitats are swiftly being destroyed along with every other animal sharing this! This is to make room for more farmland and architecture. Local pollution and climate change is also ruining these animals homes.